Polres Inhu Amankan Unjuk Rasa 121

Polres Inhu Amankan Unjuk Rasa 121

Inhu – – Polres Inhu secured Rallies FKMI Peace Organization, IKAMI, GAMA, LAMR, KAMMI, HMI and BEM Se – Kab. Inhu accordance with STTP Number: .STTP-UNRAS / 01 / I / 2017 / Intelkam dated January 12, 2017 with a mass number of 65 people Thursday 01/12/2016 Rengat Inhu.

“Mass demonstrations gathered in PWI Office Home Simp. Patin Ex. Pematang Reba district. Rengat West, then make speeches at Simpang Tugu Patin Rengat West and request signatures from people who were in the monument patin

Police Chief Adjunct Senior Inhu ABAS Basuni, SIK give direction to the action participants Unras. Then the masses do Long March to the Office of the District Council. Inhu under escort by the police chief met Chairman of Parliament Inhu Miswanto and listen to the protesters tumtutan

Chairman of the Parliament Miswanto Kab. Inhu will resume / forward the petition to the House of Representatives (by fax), because this problem is an issue – as for the national issue tuntutanya 1. Reject firmly PP number 60 in 2016 that lists the rising cost of motor vehicle 3 x folding assessed miserable people.

2. Reject firmly the rising cost of electricity rates, which reached 242.5% as it will be miserable people.

3. Urge the President Jokowi repeal Regulation No. 60 in 2016 and to cancel the increase in electricity tariffs for customers with powerful rakyatkecil 900 va.

4. Refuse and unequivocally demanding government accountability on implementation of the state amburadulnya system which therefore confuse the people and tilmbulnya kpd government confidence vote.

5. Request kpd Chairman of Parliament Inhu to listen once convey the aspirations of the people and made the decision to urge the Indonesian Government to immediately revoke kebijakan2 that miserable people.

6. The Government of Indonesia Joko Widodo cpc that we respect to stop working haphazardly manage Indonesia. Instead, always present as a solution dlm various problems that exist in this country, not even disturb the atmosphere.

As for the security directly led Inhu Head of Ops Police Commissioner Frenky TAMBUNAN, ST, accompanied by police chief Pol afrizal West Rengat ASRI, SIK, Adj AKP Intelkam M. ARI SOLAR S, SH, Adj AKP Binmas TEDDY ADRIAN, SH, SIK, with the number of Pam personnel as much as 88 unras ended at 15:40 am, during unras in a safe and orderly. ( Rilis/M.Salim )

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